custom golf cartAre you one of those people who daydream about a new home décor or a DIY project that could make your house more personal? Well, that’s how golf cart owners feel, too. There are different options when it comes to custom golf carts. Listed below are a few ideas to help you get started with your custom golf cart project.

Custom Golf Cart Ideas

  1. Lift Kit

One practical option when it comes to custom golf cart Myrtle Beach is a lift kit. It will give your cart a bit more room between the ground and its underside. A lot of people favour lift kits because it improves the aesthetics of their golf carts. But a lift kit does more than just that. It can add bigger off road wheels as well as tires to your golf cart, which will let you drive faster, even on rougher terrain and haul heavier loads.

  1. Rear Seat Kit

A rear seat kit is another practical customization option for a golf cart. This kit can transform a two person golf cart to one that can carry four passengers. Rear seat kits will add two seat cushions onto the golf cart’s back, so you could drive more passengers around and even safely carry more gear. This option is ideal for families with children or those who just love entertaining.

  1. Graphic Kit or Paint Job

Are you ready to create the golf cart of your dream? Are you willing to go all in on your custom golf cart? Whether you just want to change your golf cart’s appearance or you want something more specific, a paint job or graphics kit can offer you exactly what you need.

You can do more than just makeover your cart using a graphics kit. You can add decals and more easily and quickly to improve the appearance of your golf cart. By going with the graphics kit option, you’ll pay less than the cost of a full on paint job and you can easily change the design in the future. But if you would rather totally change the color of your golf cart, then a custom paint job is the best option.

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